arianna . lady . basco


i’m gonna attempt to curb my artsy fartsy usual behavior and just give it to you straight.

my name is arianna aurora dolores basco

some know me as lady basco

family calls me na na

to some i will always be almond eyes

the homies used to call me lollipop, lolli for short

but now ari or ar suffices

in between those names above, i’ve had my share of other terms of endearment.  that’s a poem for another day.

i am.

i am a poet.

and through that i am born.

i write.  poetry.  songs.  sentences.  letters making words.

i sing.  melodies.  that always point me towards home.

i act.  like me.  with a different name sometimes.

i snap.  pictures.  captures.  of you.

i dance.  only when the music is trying to jump out of my skin.

i produce things.  making something out of nothing.

grab a shovel.

let’s do this together.



... and so we begin

title: bio

spoken words by:

lady basco

music by and produced by:

thomas livemore

official site